Probably Trash

I created probably trash during my senior thesis class. The goal was to unpack and categorize 3 boxes of my dad’s belongings I had recently received. As I picked through the contents of the boxes and uncovered things that were old and new I started to categorize them for the project. At first it was pretty clear where things seemed to fit, but the longer I spent writing down the memories I had of items or wondering about the stories of items that I didn’t know anything about, the more I realized that a lot of the stuff my dad had kept over the years was really just trash. That made me realize that a lot of what people keep and associate sentimental value to can be seen as just trash.

Now it’s time to take this project a little further. I want to see what sort of things other people keep around that is probably trash.
If you want to participate here is what I need you to do.  
Photograph: Take a picture of your thing. The picture should be take from directly above against a white background. The pictures will be edited so don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Also if you would rather mail your object in and I can photograph it.  
Explain: Provide a brief description of the item. This description can be about memories you associate with the item, where it came from or why you kept it. If it’s something that you have inherited you can write about why you think they kept it or how they got it. Your description can be tell as much or as little as you’d like but try to keep it under 300 words.
Categorize: Then to the best of your ability put your item into one of four categories, clothing, accessory, miscellaneous or probably trash.
All submissions/questions can be emailed to or you can submit through the forum box at the bottom 
If you are unsure of what to write, or want to get an idea of the format of the project here is a page from the original publication for an example.
Thank you!